Ostateczny termin nadsyłania prezentacji RIPE 64

2012-02-03 23:59
Słowenia, Lublana

Attendees of the RIPE meetings are quite sensitive to keeping
presentations non-commercial, and product marketing talks are strongly
discouraged. Repeated audience feedback shows that the most successful
talks focus on operational experience, research results, or case
studies. For example, presenters wishing to describe a commercial
solution should focus on the underlying technology and not attempt a
product demonstration. Presenters who are proposing a panel or BOF are
encouraged to include speakers from several (perhaps even competing)
companies and/or a neutral facilitator. Presenters should indicate how
much time they will require (30 minutes is a common maximum duration,
although some talks can be longer).

Proposals for presentations must be submitted for full consideration no
later than
*3 February* using the online topic submission system at: http://meetings.ripe.net/pc/

Presentations submitted after this date will be considered on a
space-available basis.